Sunday, January 22, 2006 | Rooney Rule not working like it should

John Lopez's latest Houston Chronicle column has him asking the world shattering question of "How does Capers, off a horrendous 2-14 year, get an interview in Buffalo, but Jerry Gray, who just finished his fifth season as Bills defensive coordinator, is told he would not be considered?"

Lopez seems upset that Bears Defensive Ron Rivera (who he pumped for the Texans next HC) is not going to wind up as a head coach this year. Not as upset as the Bears defense was last week when they could not hold the Panther's diminutive Steve Smith from scoring 2 TDs and 218 yards receiving!

The thing for Lopez and all interested persons to remember is that for every reaction there is a equal and opposite reaction! Forcing the NFL owners to interviews blacks and minority candidacy will not result in more minority hires. More minority assistants will result in more minority hires, if they are employed by successful or well regarded Head Coaches. It really doesn't have much to do with skin color but with the programs they are associated with.


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