Friday, January 27, 2006

I like this better than the US system. - Furious protesters demand Abbas quit - Jan 27, 2006

People who vote for the Fatah Party in Palestine are rioting after realizing they have lost power in the elections this week.

You can hate on the Arab/Palestine people for their on going war on the Jews in Israel but you have to admire people with any passion for government, politics or life.

Here in the states, you lose by calling your opponent on the phone and making a tearful speech before a group of well dressed and reflective people.

Then voters get back on the corporate train and hit a fast food joint to buy poison for your family on the way home to watch it unfold on TV.

People of the Middle East live with a passion for life that the American people can never fathom.

When Hillary loses in '08 I want to see the democrats take to the streets and burn cars etc. That would be great politics. Burn Jesse Burn.


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