Friday, February 03, 2006

Whats worse than El Nina? La Nina of course.

Climate Experts Predict La Nina Phenomenon - Yahoo! News

It's too early to tell how that will affect spring and summer weather, they said, but often La Nina conditions coincide with stronger and more numerous hurricanes, wet weather in the Pacific Northwest and dry conditions in the South.

Stronger Hurricanes, I have been thinking of moving to Northwest Arkansas.

Middle East Blogs.

In the picture above a hungry boy watchers diners at the first KFC in Damascus.

Some of the best reporting being done on the Middle East and the entire Islamic Campaign is fromKevin Sites on Yahoo. This is yahoo's first real foray into original news coverage. The comments on Kevins stories are very virulent often more from westerners more than from Islamic nations.

Especially nice is this weeks latest from Syria that centers on Syrian bloggers. It gives Americans, the least traveled, least knowledgable citzens of all the western nations, a chance to peek into the minds of ordinary citzens of Syria. Unfortunately it goes both ways:

Across Syria Blog comented on Sites comments:

Horrified, that many of those who commented, were bothered by the story
and bothered to see everyday people in Syira telling their stories.
Would these hateres rather not see our faces? Do they prefer that in a
time of conflict we die, without faces? Would that be easier on them?

Another well known and well read blogger from Lebanon, was Michael Totten.

Totten recently had to close his comments again because of the B/S comments coming mainly from Americans. Totten is in the Kurdish area of Iraq.

Both Totten's lournal and Sites Yahoo reports will give you a lot to read and comprehend that despite the worse governments do to us, people are people and have more in common than not.

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Superbowl XL the big snooze

I may just have expected more, or maybe I have not been exposed to as much of the dribble that tv networks expose us too about the superbowl this year. But I have a feeling this may be the lowest rated tv superbowl in a long time. Their just doesn't seem to be much buzz this year. No one is really talking about the game in the bars I go too. Maybe its the Seahawks and Steelers are just too far away for folks in Houston to get pumped. I will make a pick anyway.

I have already called the bookie and laid my money down. Seattle wins their first. Seattle 37 Pittsburg 27.

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Light for the Republicans in '08?

Today the House Republicans elected John Boehner as Majority Leader. Boehner is corrupt and has been disciplined for passing out bribes from corporate sleaze bags on the House floor himself. But in comparison to Tom Delay he is a Saint. And if he renews the Contract with America from the Newt days, maybe just maybe there is hope for the Republicans to regain some degree of being honest in Government.

I have no doubt the Republicans will probably win majorities in the '08 elections. When Katrina flushed New Orleans she laid out for America to see the incompetence and corruption in a Democratic City and State. As much whining as that idiot Ray Nagin can muster does not convince anyone that the bullshit that followed Katrina was a federal failure. New Orleans and Louisiana are a microcosm of what could happen at the federal level if you let the limp wrist demos occupy 1600 Pennsylvania and the Congress.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Your only reason to watch Oprah this year.

Ok unless your are some stay at home proffesional whiner, or queer eye type you probably do not watch Oprah. Friday, 2/03/06, is the day to watch this garabage program no matter what.

Why do you ask. Dave Chappelle is going to on and maybe he will announce he is hitting the road again or hopefully a HBO deal to get back on the air.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Papa Drayton needs some new shoes...ER..BATS

Astros file insurance claim on Bagwell - MLB - Yahoo! Sports

As expected the Stros filed on the teams insurance policy to reclaim 15.6 million of the insane 17 million the Stros owe Jeff this year. Now we know why the prices are so damm high at the juice box.


Pettitte unlikely to pitch in World Baseball Classic | - Houston Chronicle

Pettitte unlikely to pitch in World Baseball Classic | - Houston Chronicle

No Pettite in the World Baseball Classic. This is probably a good thing for the Stros. As many problems as Andy has going a complete season is unlikely and he doesn't need to add more pitching to his season at the Classic.

Pitchers and Catchers report in 16 days.


The Troops are right again.

United Press International - Security & Terrorism - Some US troops question Woodruff coverage

From UPI comes this story that troops serving in Iraq are upset that the blanket coverage of Bob Woodruff's injury and the coverage he has been given. I believe they have every right to be upset over this.

Woodruff and his camera man to a lesser extent, were hurt while grandstanding in the gun turret of a Iraq Military vehicle. The entirety of the U. S. broadcast networks jumped on this like it was a Presidential Assignation. The explanation on the two being in the turret of the gun truck is "they were always willing to take the risk to get the story".

What story ABC? That Iraq is dangerous. You jackasses. Americans know Iraq is dangerous. The troops know Iraq is dangerous. Your employees know Iraq is dangerous. That is a non story. Stop sending these TV personalities to Iraq. The insurgency targeted that convoy and that vehicle specifically because they were probably tipped about the presence of the reporters. Your carelessness put both Iraqi and American troops at greater risk that night. The insurgency gets American news via satellites. They know how to get attention on the news channels and killing a ABC anchor would do that. And if you cannot kill him injury him.

And get your people out of the Naval Hospital, ABC . There are many fine US hospitals you could treat this pair at, they do not need to take up beds at a major military hospital that otherwise go to injured troops. You have money ABC stop grandstanding.