Friday, February 03, 2006

Light for the Republicans in '08?

Today the House Republicans elected John Boehner as Majority Leader. Boehner is corrupt and has been disciplined for passing out bribes from corporate sleaze bags on the House floor himself. But in comparison to Tom Delay he is a Saint. And if he renews the Contract with America from the Newt days, maybe just maybe there is hope for the Republicans to regain some degree of being honest in Government.

I have no doubt the Republicans will probably win majorities in the '08 elections. When Katrina flushed New Orleans she laid out for America to see the incompetence and corruption in a Democratic City and State. As much whining as that idiot Ray Nagin can muster does not convince anyone that the bullshit that followed Katrina was a federal failure. New Orleans and Louisiana are a microcosm of what could happen at the federal level if you let the limp wrist demos occupy 1600 Pennsylvania and the Congress.


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