Friday, February 03, 2006

Middle East Blogs.

In the picture above a hungry boy watchers diners at the first KFC in Damascus.

Some of the best reporting being done on the Middle East and the entire Islamic Campaign is fromKevin Sites on Yahoo. This is yahoo's first real foray into original news coverage. The comments on Kevins stories are very virulent often more from westerners more than from Islamic nations.

Especially nice is this weeks latest from Syria that centers on Syrian bloggers. It gives Americans, the least traveled, least knowledgable citzens of all the western nations, a chance to peek into the minds of ordinary citzens of Syria. Unfortunately it goes both ways:

Across Syria Blog comented on Sites comments:

Horrified, that many of those who commented, were bothered by the story
and bothered to see everyday people in Syira telling their stories.
Would these hateres rather not see our faces? Do they prefer that in a
time of conflict we die, without faces? Would that be easier on them?

Another well known and well read blogger from Lebanon, was Michael Totten.

Totten recently had to close his comments again because of the B/S comments coming mainly from Americans. Totten is in the Kurdish area of Iraq.

Both Totten's lournal and Sites Yahoo reports will give you a lot to read and comprehend that despite the worse governments do to us, people are people and have more in common than not.

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