Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Troops are right again.

United Press International - Security & Terrorism - Some US troops question Woodruff coverage

From UPI comes this story that troops serving in Iraq are upset that the blanket coverage of Bob Woodruff's injury and the coverage he has been given. I believe they have every right to be upset over this.

Woodruff and his camera man to a lesser extent, were hurt while grandstanding in the gun turret of a Iraq Military vehicle. The entirety of the U. S. broadcast networks jumped on this like it was a Presidential Assignation. The explanation on the two being in the turret of the gun truck is "they were always willing to take the risk to get the story".

What story ABC? That Iraq is dangerous. You jackasses. Americans know Iraq is dangerous. The troops know Iraq is dangerous. Your employees know Iraq is dangerous. That is a non story. Stop sending these TV personalities to Iraq. The insurgency targeted that convoy and that vehicle specifically because they were probably tipped about the presence of the reporters. Your carelessness put both Iraqi and American troops at greater risk that night. The insurgency gets American news via satellites. They know how to get attention on the news channels and killing a ABC anchor would do that. And if you cannot kill him injury him.

And get your people out of the Naval Hospital, ABC . There are many fine US hospitals you could treat this pair at, they do not need to take up beds at a major military hospital that otherwise go to injured troops. You have money ABC stop grandstanding.


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